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About You:

1. What's your name (or nickname, online name, fic author name, etc.)? Klara32/Anita or Kiki

2. How old are you? 16

3. Where do you live (work, go to school, etc.)? Warren Central

4. Are you male or female? female

5. Anything else you'd like to share? (Hobbies, interests, etc.) Love to write and read, and cook

About "Troy":

1. What's your personal favorite type of "Troy" fanfic? (i.e. het, slash, combo/both, gen, poetry...) het. gen.

2. Is there any type of "Troy" fic you don't care to read? (i.e. het, slash, combo/both, gen, etc.) slash

3. Do you write "Troy" fic? Yeah just started one

4. Do you like to feedback "Troy" fic? (If yes, onlist or off?) Yes

5. Do you like "Troy" crossover fics? (i.e. crossovers with other fandoms, like "Lord of the Rings," etc.) Sometimes

6. Do you like answering fic challenges--or making requests for fics you'd like to see written by others? Yes

7. Do you enjoy participating in (-or- lurking and reading)
discussion topics (DTs) and similar list activities? Yes
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