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About You:

1. What's your name (or nickname, online name, fic author name, etc.)? ix_tab, Ix Tab, occasionally mercyriddle, but that's more of a back up name.

2. How old are you? 19.

3. Where do you live (work, go to school, etc.)? Australia, Melbourne. I'm a uni student.

4. Are you male or female? Female.

5. Anything else you'd like to share? (Hobbies, interests, etc.) Anime fan, fanfiction fanatic, slash reader and writer, firefly fan....what else? I like to read and write off the beaten track.

About "Troy":

1. What's your personal favorite type of "Troy" fanfic? (i.e. het, slash, combo/both, gen, poetry...) Slash, hetslash.

2. Is there any type of "Troy" fic you don't care to read? (i.e. het, slash, combo/both, gen, etc.) plain ol' het, most poetry.

3. Do you write "Troy" fic? Not yet.

4. Do you like to feedback "Troy" fic? (If yes, onlist or off?) I will!

5. Do you like "Troy" crossover fics? (i.e. crossovers with other fandoms, like "Lord of the Rings," etc.) Yes, I like most if not all crossovers.

6. Do you like answering fic challenges--or making requests for fics you'd like to see written by others? Possibly making requests.

7. Do you enjoy participating in (-or- lurking and reading)
discussion topics (DTs) and similar list activities? Yes. I am a chronic lurker.
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