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Please NOTE: All fic posted here should have a subject line similar to this...

FIC: "Fic Title" (1/5)

You MUST start with 'FIC:'--this makes it easier for people to search for fanfic posts.

The 1/number part can also be 1/? -or- 1/WIP

...meaning 'one of you don't know how many chapters' -or- 'one of a Work In Progress.'



The following is a 'sample' template. Please feel free to modify as you wish -or- use the template you've used in the past if you already have one.

We require the following: title, author, summary and warnings. Everything else is up to you.

Please do not share UNTITLED fics. If it doesn't have a title, we prefer you wait to share until later when you've decided on one...

A template should be included with each chapter/part/post of fanfic here (and not only the first post of a given fic).

Note: Fanfic posted without a template be rejected. When in doubt, contact a list moderator for clarification.)

Email address:


Title--The title of the fanfic.

Author--Whatever name you want associated with your fic. (Some/many fanfic authors have a name they use specifically for their fic writing.)

Email address--Used for people to contact you regarding your fic (in particular when offering private post feedback).

Category--This would cover the fandom (as in Troy) and also cover the type of fic (as in slash, het, gen, etc.).

Pairing--It's a nice gesture to include any couples you're pairing (preferably with full names to avoid confusion).

Date--Date (or approximate date) the fanfic was written/completed.

Feedback--Do you want feedback or not? (What type: pleasant only, in-depth/serious fb, etc.)

Archive--Where will you have it archived (if anywhere). Do you allow others to archive it or not? (If so, do they need to contact you or not?)

IMPORTANT Note: Should we create a list-related website, all fic here will be included there. Posting fic to this list automatically gives us permission to do so.

hug/kiss: G
language/hug/kiss: PG
in bed/private parts/violence: R
actual sex/strong language/rape/death: NC-17

IMPORTANT Note: When in doubt about the rating contact a list moderator BEFORE posting and ask.


The INTENT of your work is the most important thing to mention with RP (real people) fiction. (No intent to slander, etc.)

The ownership (lack of) is the most important thing to mention with copyrighted works (TV/movies/books).

We advise you to mention that your fic is for entertainment only (or something along those lines).

It's also advisable to say you will not gain profit from the work.

Summary--A short summary of the content.

Warnings--This is ESSENTIAL to all fanfic posted here. Please include warnings for: DEATH, underage, rape, incest, slash, het, drug or alcohol use, S/M, bondage, kink, etc.


You might like (though it's not required) to mention if there's the potential for squicking someone (making them feel 'icky' due to certain content).

Again, feel free to 'tweak' your template to suit.

To reach the moderators via email:
Mistress Marilyn
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