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Priam's Fiftyth Kid Whom Just poped out

(coughs) Excuse me for the long subject line, but I figured I may as well be one of his kids, instead of being called a newbie =p

Or I could have just used firsttimer but I felt that was better somehow...okay rambling let me shut up.

I hope this community isn't dead, seen how it hasn't been posted in for a few weeks. Made me kind of feel crestfallen ;; lol

Well Besides that, it has one of my favorite slash authors, Mistress Marilyn. How could I not join?

Since I am one of the newborns. Heres my information as asked. Warning before you read: I tend to too much. XD

1. What's your name (or nickname, online name, fic author name, etc.)?: Real Name: Mandy.
Author Name: Monarch

2. How old are you?: 18.

3. Where do you live (work, go to school, etc.)? Ohio, Work? Does working on a website, and reading and writing fanfiction count? School? Again, Does the reading and fanfiction count?

4. Are you male or female?: Female. But I like to think of myself as asexual.

5. Anything else you'd like to share? (Hobbies, interests, etc.)

About "Troy": Eeer? Very Confused. hobbies concerning Troy? Well...I was into Greek Mythology way before I watched the movie, but I tend to like doing deep character anyalytical thinking of all the characters. ...if You want to know anymore about me. Just Check my Info I suppose.

1. What's your personal favorite type of "Troy" fanfic? (i.e. het, slash, combo/both, gen, poetry...) I tend to just kinda flow along with it, I do love Fanfics concerning Paris, and no it's not because I'm a Orlando Bloom Fan. I actually like the character, he's realistic, vain and selfish. He also redeemed himself at the end of the movie anyway by staying behind, and he himself died, at least in the history anyway.

I suppose I like Hector/Achilles and Paris/Achilles. I really like an ending where everything is all bittersweet tragic and things don't go the way your heart wants it to, and a story that isn't any in sense unrealistic yet full of fantasy.

2. Is there any type of "Troy" fic you don't care to read? (i.e. het, slash, combo/both, gen, etc.) I would die if I had to read anything concerning Helen. She was too much of a selfish, vain person and got to live happily after she watched a city burn down that she helped destroy. I didn't like her very much during the movie and after reading TROY history. I disliked her altogether.

I also hate Sappy..fluffy...Out Of Character Fanfiction, and Mary Sue and Marty Stu like romance (I do Read Mary Sues tho just not the fluff), where the characters just seem to fall in love just like that. Absolutely no development.

3. Do you write "Troy" fic?: Just Recently I started writing one. If I can capture the essence of the character I'm writing about and get the story to really work out the way I wish. Then I'll continue writing for TROY. As Of Now, I Don't know.

4. Do you like to feedback "Troy" fic? (If yes, onlist or off?) I like to feedback to a certain degree, If a story absolutely made my day, I'll feed back offlist, and sometimes onlist.

5. Do you like "Troy" crossover fics? (i.e. crossovers with other fandoms, like "Lord of the Rings," etc.)
I suddenly felt excitement for wanting to see TROY and Lord OF The Rings crossing over. Never read one, but I think I actually would.

6. Do you like answering fic challenges--or making requests for fics you'd like to see written by others? Hm...I probally would enjoy answering them. I like reading challenges other's have made but I feel like a burden when I make one myself.

7. Do you enjoy participating in (-or- lurking and reading) discussion topics (DTs) and similar list activities? Depends, If I feel a strange comfort level with a group, or I feel that my input will be of any use I'll participate but if not, I do lurk and just read.

I'll end this here. And I'll post the first chapter later when it's finished. Farewell for now. ^^

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