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Troy Fanfic (and more) for Adults
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We are a community dedicated to all forms of FANFIC featuring the characters (and/or actors) from the 2004 movie "Troy" (and similar ancient civilizations).

Members can also share Discussion Topics (DTs), Art, Feedback, icons and more in a friendly environment...

Crossovers between "Troy" and other fandoms are welcome here! We're a slash-friendly and RP (real people)-friendly community.

All forms of fic (with the exception of 'Mary Sue' fics) are welcome here, including: slash, het, combo (fics featuring both slash and het), gen and poetry.

We love true drabbles here, too! (A 'drabble' is a short fic that is exactly a certain number of words, i.e. 100, 150 or 200 words in length.)

Newbies are encouraged to fill out and post the Newbie Survey! You'll find it HERE.

Use of the lj-cut tag is essential here for sharing fic, all links, images, icons, etc.

Don't know how to use it? See THIS.

Templates are required when submitting fic and must include WARNINGS. (Find a sample template HERE.

All fanfic posted here should read like this in the subject line...

Subject: FIC: "Name of Fic" (1/5)

FIC: --required

"Title" --required (no 'unnamed' works, please)
1/5 --required ('1' being whichever chapter and
   the '5' being of how many chapters. 1/WIP or 1/? is fine.)

'Mary Sue' fics are not appropriate here. Sorry.

(There is mature content here. You are assumed to be 'of age' for your country, or able to make your own choices.)

Visit our Community MEMORIES to see archived fics (etc.)!

Your moderators are:

CharlieMC (charliemc)
Mistress Marilyn (mistressmarilyn)

Like to 'play' at Yahoo! groups? Please consider joining: Troy-Fanfic

To reach us via email:
Mistress Marilyn

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